CE 105 – Spring 2020

CE 105 – Design for Global Transformation

Course instructors: Prof. Tina Chow and Dr. Kirk Bergstrom

During Spring 2020, twenty-six UC Berkeley undergraduate students in Civil and Environmental Engineering took part in a course entitled CE 105 Design for Global Transformation. 

Working in small teams, the students were challenged to research, imagine, and design a planetary-scale strategy with the potential for real-world transformation. Building upon the Exponential Roadmap—a global strategy to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030—the students were organized into six teams representing the following sectors: Nature-Based Solutions, Transportation, Food, Industry, Buildings, and Energy.

For their final presentations, the student teams prepared both slide decks and a StoryMap to communicate the essence of their strategy. Enjoy your explorations!


Team members: Sarah Hodson, Uluc Degirmenci, Griffin Jerrier, Hajer Ghaus

StoryMap | Presentation slides

Energy supply

Team members: Erin Brown, Aliya Ehde, Nora Elatar, Yue Feng, Joshua Jacoby

StoryMap | Presentation slides


Team members: Dorothy Bechler, Shannon Brown, Gavin Glascott, Emily Lopez

StoryMap | Presentation slides


Team members: Alara Arin, Amber Chau, Alan Maida, Yuuki Tanaka

StoryMap | Presentation slides

Nature-based solutions

Team members: Cayla Anderson, Angadpreet Brar Singh, Mira Chaplin, Jean Hirayama, Davis Horeff

StoryMap | Presentation slides


Team members: Louise Elzvik, Yalu Guo, Joaquin Bradley Silva, Nicole Ulakovic

StoryMap | Presentation slides

[Note: there are a lot of images in the StoryMaps – if they don’t load, check your browser settings and try again.]