CE 105 – Spring 2024

During Spring 2024, 7 teams of UC Berkeley undergraduate engineering students took part in a community-engaged design course entitled CE 105 Design for Global Transformation. Student teams were challenged to research, imagine, and design strategies to help the Stockton AB 617 community reduce air pollution and tackle climate change.

Please read the student StoryMaps below which share the main findings! A big thank you to all the community members who contributed so much to this work, especially from Catholic Charities of Stockton, Restore the Delta, California Environmental Justice Alliance, and more! We welcome questions, comments, and feedback! Please email tinakc@berkeley.edu.

Course instructors: Prof. Tina Katopodes Chow, Courtney Turkatte

Read the StoryMaps

Click on the images or links to see the StoryMaps. Further details can be found in the final reports and presentation slides (videos by request) linked for each project below. Please note that these are student projects, and content may need further review for accuracy.

[Note: there are a lot of images in the StoryMaps – if they don’t load, try scrolling up and down again to give the browser a chance to load, or check your browser settings and try again. If you get a pop-up asking you to login to ArcGIS, just hit ‘cancel’.]