CE 105 – Spring 2021

Stockton AB 617 Design Strategies

During Spring 2021, four teams of UC Berkeley undergraduate engineering students took part in a community-engaged design course entitled CE 105 Design for Global Transformation. Student teams were challenged to research, imagine, and design strategies to help the Stockton AB 617 community reduce air pollution and tackle climate change.

Please read the student StoryMaps which share the main findings! Further details can be found in the final reports and video presentations also linked below.

A big thank you to all the community members who contributed so much to this work! We welcome questions, comments, and feedback! Please email tinakc@berkeley.edu.

Course instructors: Prof. Tina Katopodes Chow, Bavisha Kalyan, Sarah Hodson

Image of people at a farmer's market

Urban Greening and Food Systems

Reestablishing Stockton’s relationship with food and nature: vegetative barriers, tree canopy, food access and farmers’ markets, commercial cooking emissions

Team members: Hailey Rowbatham, Lauder Fairchok, Aneeshi Desai, Caleb Bray


Final Report

How to start a farmer’s market – handout

Stockton farmers’ market locations – handout

Image of water tower labeled "Port of Stockton", industrial facilities, and plume from a smokestack in the distance


Reimagining the future of industry in Stockton: strategies for the Port of Stockton, DTE, and other industry, regulations and enforcement

Team members: Hallie McManus, Matthew Grehm, Marcus D’Avignon, Kushaan Bahl


Final Report

Image of an electric bus in front of the Stockton Ballpark


Reducing emissions from transportation in Stockton: truck idling, electric vehicles, public transit and car-share strategies

Team members: Amita Muralidharan, Kathleen Chang, John Cadiz, Hector Banos


Final Report

Image of a furnace filter attached to a box fan to make a low-cost indoor air filter

Energy & Buildings

Tackling air pollution and climate change through energy and buildings: open burning, indoor air filtration and home weatherization, and solar power options for Stockton

Team members: Anna Weber, Michelle Kim, Adolfo Goicoechea, Abdullah Al-Zandani


Final Report

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