Prof. Tina Katopodes Chow

Graduate student researchers

Sienna White – wildfire smoke modeling

Adam Wise – wind energy simulations

Former PhD students

Jingyi Bao (PhD 2018) – immersed boundary method

Alex Connolly (PhD 2020) – simulations over mountainous terrain

Megan Daniels (PhD 2010) – simulations of flow over mountainous terrain [dissertation]

Eli Goodfriend (PhD 2014) – adaptive mesh refinement for large-eddy simulation [dissertation]

Katie Lundquist (PhD 2010) – immersed boundary methods for urban atmospheric flow applications, now at LLNL [dissertation]

Nikola Marjanovic (PhD 2015) – atmospheric boundary layer simulations for wind energy [dissertation]

Jehan Rihani (PhD 2010) – land-atmosphere interactions [dissertation]

Jason Simon (PhD 2019) – atmospheric simulations in the gray zone, now at Duke University

Diane Taylor (PhD 2017) – atmospheric dispersion of methane [dissertation]

Dave Wiersema (PhD 2019) – urban dispersion simulations, now at LLNL

Bowen Zhou (PhD 2012) – stable-boundary layer simulations, now at Nanjing University [dissertation]

Former postdoctoral researchers

Bobby Arthur – stably-stratified flows, now at LLNL

Bicheng Chen – urban dispersion simulations, now at Xiamen University

Mike Dvorak – turbulence and wind energy, now at Sailor’s Energy

Xiaoming Shi – LES and clouds, now at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Former MS researchers – partial list

Macy Frost Chang – machine learning for offshore wind energy (MS thesis)

James Neher – simulations over complex terrain