Prof. Tina Katopodes Chow

Open research positions

Postdoctoral researcher – atmospheric modeling to mitigate methane emissions from landfills – applications can currently be sent by email to even though the link says the deadline has passed

Graduate student researcher – atmospheric simulations of flow and transport in urban areas and/or complex terrain. Research areas of interest include local air quality and source inversion at the neighborhood scale, regional weather forecasting, wildfire smoke transport modeling, wind energy. The application deadline for Fall 2024 graduate admissions is Dec. 11, 2023.

Graduate student researchers

Mohit Dubey (co-advised with Sebastien Biraud, LBNL) – fugitive methane emissions

Léo Guillotte – wildfire smoke data assimilation

Sienna White – wildfire smoke data assimilation

Adam Wise – wind energy simulations

Postdoctoral researchers

Rebecca Sugrue (co-advised with Neeta Thakur, UCSF) – wildfire smoke data assimilation and health impacts

Undergraduate researchers

Parker Yang – atmospheric modeling for landfill methane emissions

Former PhD students

Jingyi Bao (PhD 2018) – immersed boundary method

Alex Connolly (PhD 2020) – simulations over mountainous terrain, now at Columbia University

Megan Daniels (PhD 2010) – simulations of flow over mountainous terrain [dissertation]

Eli Goodfriend (PhD 2014) – adaptive mesh refinement for large-eddy simulation [dissertation]

Katie Lundquist (PhD 2010) – immersed boundary methods for urban atmospheric flow applications, now at LLNL [dissertation]

Nikola Marjanovic (PhD 2015) – atmospheric boundary layer simulations for wind energy [dissertation]

Jehan Rihani (PhD 2010) – land-atmosphere interactions [dissertation]

Jason Simon (PhD 2019) – atmospheric simulations in the gray zone, now at Duke University

Diane Taylor (PhD 2017) – atmospheric dispersion of methane [dissertation]

Dave Wiersema (PhD 2019) – urban dispersion simulations, now at LLNL

Bowen Zhou (PhD 2012) – stable-boundary layer simulations, now at Nanjing University [dissertation]

Former postdoctoral researchers

Bobby Arthur – stably-stratified flows, now at LLNL

Bicheng Chen – urban dispersion simulations, now at Xiamen University

Mike Dvorak – turbulence and wind energy, now at Sailor’s Energy

Xiaoming Shi – LES and clouds, now at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Former MS researchers – partial list

Macy Frost Chang – machine learning for offshore wind energy (MS thesis)

James Neher – simulations over complex terrain